Alumni Review: Kiril Travinski, Professional Sound & Business (Studio Major) 2011

Kiril Travinski graduated from the Professional Sound & Business – Studio Production program in 2011. Since then, he has started his career in the music industry in a big way. Kiril is currently the Producer/Engineer and Creative Director at DeadFly Records. His responsibilities at DeadFly Records include booking clients in the studio, working on pre-production with artists, recording, mixing, composing, post-production work, file restoration and more. He is also responsible for company branding and the design and upkeep of the company website. When asked about his favourite parts of the job, Kiril says, “engineering string sessions in our big room in the studio was a memorable moment for me. Shooting music videos that involved a team of almost 20 people was another highlight.”

Kiril has also interned at Metalworks Studios. “I got to assist David Bottrill, who is a three-time Grammy winning producer/engineer who has worked with artists like Peter Gabriel, Tool, Silverchair and Moneen,” Kiril says regarding his internship. Like he wasn’t already busy enough, Kiril is also the Visual Designer and VJ for That 60s Show, a musical theatre production show.

When asked how his education at our Institute has helped him in his career, Kiril says, “it’s definitely put me in “working mode” and made me realize it’s not an easy industry to succeed in. This has made me more determined, organized and always ready to take on new kinds of work. Metalworks was also a great networking experience. I currently run a company with two of my previous classmates, and I can trust them with my life.”

“I believe almost every class at Metalworks was useful – Music Theory, Recording Engineering, Music Production, MIDI & Synthesis, Intellectual Properties, Promotion & Publicity, and Music Publishing were all important classes to digest and understand,” Kiril says. “I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have that knowledge.”

We wish Kiril all the best in his career and future endeavours!

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