Alumni Review: Jennifer Essiembre, Entertainment Business Management 2009

Jennifer Essiembre joins ole as Office Coordinator; a key position responsible for the daily operations of all of ole’s offices (Toronto, Nashville and Los Angeles).

Upon graduating with a diploma in Entertainment Business Management, Jennifer worked in our Registrar’s Department; which eventually lead to her working as an Executive Assistant for the Academic Director.

Promotions and Events Coordinator, Joel Martin, had a chance to catch up with Jennifer recently and ask her a few questions about her new job:

 What is your title at ole and what are you responsibilities?

I am the Office Coordinator at the head office in Toronto. My main responsibility is to effectively coordinate the day-to-day functionality of all ole offices (Toronto, Nashville, and Los Angeles). I assist with HR hiring and departure processes, attendance reporting, organizing and executing creative compilation mail outs, as well as maintaining office supplies, promo items and merchandise levels for all offices. Since we just built and moved into an entirely new office space for our headquarters in Toronto, I am also responsible for any and all IT and office building upgrades/repairs. Furthermore, I work with the Executive Assistant to the CEO and President on event coordination for industry events. Currently, we are working on the Canadian Country Music Awards, Hitsville Songwriter’s Competition, and our annual Saloon Jam after party. Other than industry-related events, I am also responsible for assisting in the planning and coordination of our company quarterly listening sessions, as well as our annual Christmas and Summer parties. I help to manage guest lists, invitation management, as well as ordering, and supplying all ole merchandise, and promo items.

What have been the highlights working at ole so far?

The highlight of working at ole has been meeting and working alongside some of the best music publishing professionals in North America. I’m privileged to work for and alongside credible industry executives who have attained great success on an international level. Moreover, I’m also really looking forward to attending this year’s Canadian Country Music Awards. As an assistant event coordinator, I will be attending the awards show, after party, and other events surrounding Country Music Week.

How has your education from the Institute helped you?

Wow – if I could put it ALL into words, I would! However, the most important thing that it did for me, was introduce the pace at which one needs to work in order to survive in this industry. The curriculum for the Entertainment Business Management program was intense, and forced me to plan, multi-task, and build a stronger work ethic in order to succeed. Ultimately, I believe the work ethic I developed in order to thrive here, is what has propelled me to excel in the industry as well.

Which class has turned out to be the most useful?

Considering I now work for a music publishing company, Music Publishing definitely turned out to be the most useful. My Instructor Vivian Barclay, was really successful in teaching the relationships between a songwriter, recording artist, record company, music publisher, as well as mechanical and performance rights organizations. Furthermore, she was able to convey complex concepts of music publishing agreements that would naturally be difficult to learn independently, or in a job setting. I know that without the education I received in that class alone, I would have definitely been at a disadvantage in the position that I am in at ole.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Although the education I received here was incredibly beneficial to me as a young professional, I think it’s important that prospective students understand that our teachers, guest speakers, and administrative staff serve as an incredible source of mentorship, professional guidance, and support. All of which is unique to our Institute. I firmly believe that had I not chosen to attend Metalworks, I would not be in the position I am today.

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