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Professional Sound & Business (Studio Production Major)

Classes Start: September

The two year Professional Sound & Business (Studio Production Major) is ideal for students interested in understanding the recording, music and entertainment industries from both a business and creative standpoint. With in-depth studies encompassing all aspects of audio recording, music production, audio engineering, as well as entertainment business management, the courses in this exciting recording program strikes a balance between a technical and business education. The program provides students with a well-rounded perspective, allowing expanded career pathways in the audio recording, film and broadcast industries, as well as related areas in the entertainment business sector.

For nearly 30 years, Metalworks Studios has pioneered the recording frontiers of audio and recording technology, and worked with the entertainment industry’s leading artists, management and entertainment companies. This curriculum is infused with real-world knowledge, and is a beneficiary of our unique perspective.

The Studio Lab classes at Metalworks Institute’s campus allow students to work hands-on with the best audio and recording equipment, as well as the latest digital audio editing and recording software.

This two year program provides the student with over 1900 hours of instruction and preparation.

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