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Introduction to Music Publishing - Metalworks Institute - Online Certificate Courses

Introduction to Music Publishing



Course Overview:

The Introduction to Music Publishing course introduces students to the history, functions and operations of music publishing, including copyright acquisition, songwriter contracts, performance licensing, mechanical licensing, print publishing, synchronization rights, royalty structures and methods of royalty collection. During this course students will examine the different types of music publishers as well as their roles and responsibilities.

Course Topics

Lesson 1: Copyright Basics
Lesson 2: The History of Music Publishing
Lesson 3: Tin Pan Alley
Lesson 4: The Birth of Recording and its Impact on Music Publishing
Lesson 5: Interpersonal Communications
Lesson 6: The Evolution of Copyright Law
Lesson 7: Music Rights
Lesson 8: Musical Rights & Royalties
Lesson 9: Music Publishers & Publishing Revenue Streams
Lesson 10: The Mechanics of a Publishing Deal
Lesson 11: Performing Rights & Mechanical Licensing Organizations
Lesson 12: Types of Music Publishers

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