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Introduction to the Motion Picture Industry - Metalworks Institute - Online Certificate Courses

Introduction to the Motion Picture Industry



Course Overview:

This course will provide students with an overview of the various sectors of the motion picture industry. During this course students will examine these various segments from an historical perspective, and the key technological advancements that have changed this industry. Most notably, this course will look at the economic structure and current trends that are shaping the future of the motion picture industry.

Course Topics

Lesson 1: The Beginnings of Motion Picture
Lesson 2: The Birth of the Film Industry
Lesson 3: The Birth of Hollywood
Lesson 4: The Development of the Studio System
Lesson 5: The Studio System and the Golden Age of Hollywood
Lesson 6: The 1950’s & 1960’s: Hollywood’s Struggles
Lesson 7: The 1980’s: New Hollywood & High Concept
Lesson 8: The 1900’s & the 2000’s
Lesson 9: Motion Picture Development
Lesson 10: Motion Picture Pre-Production
Lesson 11: Motion Picture Production
Lesson 12: Motion Picture Sales & Distribution


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