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Health & Safety in the Live Event Industry



Course Overview:

As the size and scope of concerts and other live events continue to grow, the live events industry faces ongoing challenges in maintaining the health and safety of workers, performers, and fans at these live events. This course will delve into some of the health and safety issues inherent in the live event industry, such as crowd management, temporary staging, working at heights, working with electricity, and other important safety elements. We will examine important case studies of past tragic incidents in the performance industry, and look at how such incidents can be avoided in the future.

Course Topics

Lesson 1 – Introduction to the Live Event Industry
Lesson 2 – Live Event Personnel
Lesson 3 – A History of Major Concert Incidents
Lesson 4 – Risk Assessment
Lesson 5 – Pyrotechnics
Lesson 6 – Crowd Management & Security
Lesson 7 – Noise & Hearing Protection
Lesson 8 – Rigging
Lesson 9 – Working at Heights
Lesson 10 – Temporary Staging
Lesson 11 – Working with Electricity
Lesson 12 – Heavy Lifting/Accident Reporting

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